Going on 5th date....need help with this

I have been dating/talking with this boy for about a month now, and we have had 4 fabulous dates and we get along fantastically. On the 3rd date I met all of his closest friends (10) and it was a little nerve wrecking on my part but OK in the end. We have not had sex yet. He has now gone out of town for work, gone for 2 weeks, and we still talk daily, he mentions certain friends of his helping me with boarding gear and fashion etc in summer months and he needs to text or talk to me when he is out of town every day. Also, for like the 5th or 6th date (when he gets back from work) we are planning a weekend trip to Jasper (again no sex yet). What is the verdict on this guy? I need a little help cause I have been played by many...


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  • I take it you want to have sex, and you would have had it by now if you had your way?

    Have you guys been making out, touching and kissing in any way? Have you talked about sex at all? It sounds like you guys are ready to take it to the next level. Maybe he is a closet virgin or just inexperienced and nervous about sex. Maybe he wants everything to be perfect, or know that you like him and plan to stick around.

    You should defiantly have a conversation during your trip together, if not beforehand. I wouldn't freak out though, he's just taking it slow.


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  • I doubt you're being played if he's stuck around this long without sex and introduced you to his friends. If you want to have sex, have sex. Weekend in Jasper sounds good :)

    I'm actually a little confused about what you're asking? Because you described a good first few dates with a guy who isn't just in it for sex, and then asked if he's a player? Unless he's never kissed you, touched you, or anything, I can't say there's anything to complain about!

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