I need help with dating my friend - please help?

I started dating my friend about a month ago right before winter break started. It started off pretty good, but she had to leave for a trip and before that she used to text me first some times and she kissed me on the cheek before she left. But when she came back she never did any of those things again. And during school it just doesn't feel like were a couple just regular friends, the only difference is that I give her a hug every now and then and talk to her more. is it supposed to feel like this?

Also I feel like our relationship should be something, more cause I'm starting to really like her but I don't know how much she likes me, should I ask her, and if I do should I wait a little while to ask because its only been a month so things might still be weird for her?


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  • It sounds like you two need better communication in your relationship.

    Try getting a conversation going about you guys to figure out her feelings and such, and to maybe get some of your own feelings out in the open. Talking can be tough to start, but it's super critical, and once you get going usually the conversation just flows.

    Go ahead and take that first step and find out what's up with you guys! There's no point in waiting, just ignore time for a moment; if you're feeling that something's off right now, go and get to the bottom of it, rather than waiting and risking things getting worse or weirder.

    • thx for the advice, but how would I start a conversation about her feelings or mine?

    • Heh, well that's just the question now, isn't it?

      It's a hard thing to start. You could either just come out and say it, something like Hey, let's talk about us.

      Or you could just build up to it in conversation... either way, I can't really help you with that. Just think of things you want to know, and come up with ways of how you'd like to talk to her about it. Good luck dude!

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  • sometimes not asking a girl out the first time you lay eyes on her is too late, I fear you might already be in the friend zone, but ask her out and at very least let this be a lesson for the next girl

  • we have talked 2 times!