What Puts Guys Off on A Date?

I was just wondering because I went on two separate dates with two different guys and there giving me the most attention telling me I'm gorgeous, funny and really want to see me again etc and want to see me again, I haven't slept with them but yet I haven't heard from them and it was like a week ago...am I being impatient or did I do something wrong? x


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  • did you show enough interest in them?

    • i think so, like it was me that would text them first the next day, and I seemed to do everything right on the date because there the ones showering me with compliments and telling me I'm a wicked girl and then arranging a next date and then nothing, I have got the odd text from them but that's about it. I just dnt understand why they would show such interest when you meet and then nothing

  • what might would have put them off, if they found out that you saw somebody else as well... you are not exclusive to them at that moment and even if they know that.. they might not like that... but guys sometimes don't reply for about a month and than suddenly they come back like it was just yesterday...but when they don't call you after a week it usually means they are not really that much into you... = my opinion!