Did I lose all credibility with my crush by kissing another man?

My crush and I have been playing games for a while. He has a girlfriend since 3 months but by the way he stares at me and how he talks about me I know he has a thing for me. He even told his flat mate once that he liked me..

The thing is I am the type of girl who liked to have fun with guys and I tend to kiss men pretty easily.

I happen to kiss a guy on his lacrosse team who had a girlfriend, when we kissed his girlfriend had just told him she was pregnant.. The news went around pretty quickly and soon everyone knew.

Two weeks later I decided I should send my crush a message (even though he was a gf) because I was going to leave to another country (and possibly never see him again). I told him I'd like to see him one last time before I left.

He did not reply, I'm thinking the reason might be because of what happened. What do you think?


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  • Hell yes you lost credibility! Christ on a cross, if you really care about a boy, you won't be kissing ones that aren't him. What a floozie! Bad!

    But hey you're under 24. This kinda stuff is par for the course.


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