I have a date with an older woman tomorrow night. Please help....

I feel she's a little weary about our age differences.

Is their anything I should try to avoid talking about?

I kinda wanna get away with the fact that she's a lot older.

BTW she's 40 and I'm 27.


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  • I'm 40 and I like this guy who is 26. I wish he would ask me out!

    If he did, I would want him to be himself, talk about anything he would with a girl his own age and of course, be respectful. Stay away from past relationships unless she asks and be truthful. If she was weary about the age difference, she wouldn't have accepted. She may be nervous about going out with someone younger for the shear fact she is older - try and make her feel comfortable. Make her laugh!

    We may be older but we are young at heart!

    Hope this helps and Good Luck!


What Guys Said 1

  • The ONLY time I'd make a mention of her age is if you want to tease around with her. Maybe tell her to take it easy while you all are out or else she might need a hip replacement. Or you could joke about you being young IF AND ONLY IF the situation is right for some self-depricating humor. Otherwise I'd make sure not to put any emphasis or make any mention of her age. If you do, it might make her think you are after a score or trophy.

    So yeah, treat her like any other date. Age doesn't matter anyway, she's obviously agreed to go on a date with you.

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