Girls.. what's wrong with me?

So I'm on a dating site, girls constantly check out my profile (because of the profile picture I guess) but then that's it, they almost never go beyond that and even if I wink or show signals they never respond.

So, this is my ad, what do you think of it? Am I so terribly unattractive to you girls? Answer as anonymous if you want, but tell me the truth please


So, I?m a very complex personality with lots of twists and different facets. I?m a mad, self-centered neurotic, who is normal, shy, timid, self-conscious, depressed, loser, insecure, outgoing, fun and outrageous. I need to be the center of attention and disappear. I can be a wall flower as well as I can really stand out. I can be warm and kind as much as I can be mean. I can be invisible as much as I can make you cry with laughter or rage. When I?m hungry I just need to throw whatever into my stomach and NOW. I get orgasms with good food, Italian/Mediterranean food is my favorite. I LOVE sex. I like to look good and peacock my tale, the following day I need to dress like a tramp to be fully unnoticed. I like to caress and to be caressed. I know the answers and am incredibly confused, I'm a paradox, though straight like an arrow. I'm a shapeless nobody with personality. I'm someone in pain. Fun and wilderness, and sweetness and craziness and joy and pain and passion and indifference. I like my independence and my freedom and don?t want to commit, although depending on the girl, I melt down. I like a smoking hot, just normally pretty girl who takes good care of herself and is sweet and intelligent. Nothing like a girl when she throws her arms around my neck, I LOVE it! mwah mwah mwah, come to me, I want you!


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  • Don't take this the wrong way, I am only trying to help. If you are looking for a true relationship, don't say that you want sex or a smoking hot girl... Girls are valuable and want respect. If a girl dresses immodestly she normally has a low self esteem and uses that to try to boost her confidence. A truly pretty girl is one who is pretty not only on the outside, but also the inside. I would change some of your descriptions... Girls like to see a man who is confident. You are kind of confusing, because you don't sound shy, but you say you are shy, neurotic, mad, self-conscious, depressed (girls don't want someone who is depressed! They want to have fun!)... :) Also, don't depend on a dating website! Be confident and go out and meet girls! Go to a local coffee shop, the mall, anything where decent girls would be! You can do it! :)

    • Ok thank you a lot! Well, I'm not that confident, and I don't want to fake it either, I've been down that path and feel bad with myself. I know girls want fun, I'm not that boring, but at the same time I actually have depression, and that's part of being who I am at the moment. That's what I don't understand, girls want to be respected for the beauty inside out, yet... I'm not allowed to be depressed, because she wants to be allowed to feel so. I guess it means I will have to stay alone.

    • It's okay! Everyone has flaws, just try not to flaunt them. This is one of my favorite verses. I hope it helps! Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future..." :)

    • well, actually it's the first time I'm realizing that arrogance is to your positive side like flaunting is to your negative... thanks!

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  • Wow all I can say is wow!

    that is an amazing profile it says so much without saying everything and even nothing. There is enough information to catch the attention and makes me want to know more about you.

    • Hey, I don't know whether you're being serious, but in case, thanks a lot :)

    • I am being very serious. I really do like what you put in your profile.

  • You just come across as a nutter...sorry no offence...but you wanted an honest opinion.

  • ok yeah. that's weird. you need to change everything about that.

    • well...i'm weird!:) that was really something I spelt out by writing down what I was seeing inside! Why it's weird?

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    • in real life

      and good luck

    • He is just being honest with who he is. there are a lot of girls who use online dating and would defintly want to get to know him better...I am one of them fof me normal guys are boring. I prefer a guy who is a strange.

  • wow to me it sounds like you want a friends with benefit and she has to be hot. it sounds like you are a really confusing guy!

    when I wrote an ad on craigslist it went something like this:

    I am 23, never had a boyfriend before. I am really nice girl. I am 5'3 and my built is 34 26 38. Long black hair that is straightened, and nice features. I like to canoe, read, bike ride, and go to parks. I do like museums and antique shops. I don't watch tv. I have a BA in Economics, a full time job, a house and my own car. I would like to go out to lunch on weekends with friends, to see a movie on Friday nights, and maybe to hiking for a week when I take off work.

    I am seeking someone around my age, with similar background. Please only write if you are serious.

    I put this on craigslist and got over 200 replies, and I had to weed out the fake ones.

    See how that was? I think I am pretty clean cut type. I think if girls are not answering enough for you, you might want to start looking around for what type you want and answer them. also if I was you I would clean up your description of yourself and what you want. That is just me though.

  • wow there's a whole loada contradictions there. Like split personalities or summit. Not that this sounds like a serious ad lol

    • i'm a split personality and have lots of contradictions inside

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