He doesn't say much, why not?

I was talking to this guy online, I met him at a party, and every time I tried to make a convo with he would just give me one word answers back, and he wouldn't ask me anything back. So what's his problem? I'm so confused.


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  • Well here's the thing.

    Here are your possible answers.

    1. Your ugly to him physically, and he isn't interested anymore in you physically. So he's be short with you to get the point across that he's not interested which you partially got obviously.

    2. He's intimidated and your hotter than he expected. He doesn't normally get girls quite as hot as you and is just in shock and AWE that your talking to him like girls half your hotness level. After time this will fade if you make him comfortable in the situation. It is often a shock to a guy that he could date better looking women we often place ourselves in a bracket if you well, a structure, one that says ok shes in my league she'd probably say hey back, or she wouldn't probably give me the time of day, Guys Naturally have done this over the years to help reduce the Rejection we have to deal with daily due to the fact that women force us to take every first move.

    3. He's just not liking your personality, you where sooooo cool online and you could communicate so well, but in person you seem so different as if your a different person, and obviously not one that interests him.

    4. Maybe something that was said or done to him online, or at the party by u or that he heard about you upset him, hence the short responses, GUYS are typically Short with you for a reason! They are UPSET about something.

    Hope I was of some help!



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  • Don't even bother with him...if he doesn't want to talk...he doesn't want to date.


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  • I think he's just a shy guy not more than that and I agree with the girl who answered the question first for sure.

  • I personally feel that people talk through the internet on a less personal level, it's very different talking to someone through words compared to talking to someone in person, some people are better with words when they are not under pressure and have more time to think about their answers to questions. People say things on the internet that they would not say in real life because of many reasons, but when that person has to actually talk in real life they don't know what to say (they just want a safe relationship whether that relationship is romantic or just friendly, they don't want confrontational human contact, so they are more comfortable talking over the internet).

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