If he says, "so are you still smoking?" was he flirting?

so if a guy (a friend) who recently contacted me after 2.5 yrs, we decided to meet up and grab some dinner. We had lost touch mainly because he didn't respond much to my calls and later on, I decided to drop him even as a friend. Out of nowhere in 2010, he texted me Merry Christmas and afterward, we had a few texts exchanged between us. Last night, we decided to meet up and get some dinner, for which he paid. Some things he said later in our conversation, were obviously flirtatious (sexually) and I even asked him if he was flirting.. he said "yes, just a little" However, he even has a long-term girlfriend now, whom he eventually plans to marry, but before he made himself relatively obvious about his flirtatious nature, he said "so "are you still smokin'?" now he always knew that I never did smoke. I was just wondering if guys often use this kind of line to flirt with women? I must say that his overall demeanor was a tad bit confusing because although he was sometimes flirtatious, I am not sure he was all that interested. was he just sending mixed messages? I know it wasn't a date or anything, but when we were saying goodbye for the evening, he gave me a real tightly-squeezed hug. so does that mean anything at all? or is he mainly just flirting-type, but not do anything since he has a gf?

Well apparently, he was just flirting for the sake of it cause when I flirted back the next time we were texting back & forth, he said I went a little "overboard!" He said he didn't want his girlfriend to find out. I am not wasting my time on him anymore.


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  • Yes it means that he is interested in you, he took the time to text you and take you out for something to eat, but he proberly just wants you for sex. You should ask him out right what his intentions are ? is he not happy with his current partner and is he looking elsewhere ? is he just after casual sex and that's it ?

    • Thanks for the response back. However, what does it mean "are you still smokin?" is that a pickup line that guys use? I have never heard of that before. I am not sure if I should be so upfront about it with him because what if I am wrong; I am thinking that he is one of those guys that flirt a lot, but do nothing type of guys. Yes he did mention some sexual things, but I am a bit on the shy side. I might wait till the next time (if there is one) to see what he says or does first.

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