Why hasn't he called? he asked me for my number?

I am in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend, but the relationship feels so dull and boring, everyday we're just texting each other just to tell what am I doing,where am i, who are you with, have you eaten yet, good morning and goodnight, and almost same thing we talked about everyday for one month. but its just like a routines nothing special, its like so flat and I feel abandoned, he's not that busy but he doesn't call me, he was rarely call me but recently he never call me at all. not even on Christmas and new year. maybe communication is the cause why I feel so distant regardless of the real long distance that separate us. but we'll meet again in the next month.but now I'm so bored and don't feel like I have a boyfriend who missed me

This Thursday I went to a club with my best girlfriend

We danced had a great time , a few drinks in but I was sober I'm sure of it

I met this guy , I had seen him around be fore and always found he was cute , he approached me and we chat a bit. It was great he seemed genuine and different , curious about me ,

But I didn't want to stick around him and seem needy so I was dancing on other friends and just having fun, he stared at me sometimes, he seemed shy but not overly shy!

He asked me my blackberry pin and now he has mine and I got his in our contact list. He seemed very into me but not in a player way more as in genuinely interested.

But he hasn't called or text me yet its been two days

I am not sure if he is trying to play the game , waiting a while , its driving me insane I really expected him to text me at least , but nothing yet

what does this mean?

could he has check my facebook profile and found out I already have a bf? bcs my profile picture is me and my boyfriend. could that be the cause why he hasn't call me? bcs he seemed really interested. and I really like dis guy, I just want to go out with him, nothing serious, should I contact him first? if I go out with him is it cheating?


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  • Why are still in a relationship with someone who isn't really even there physically, mentally, or emotionally?

    It doesn't seem that he is providing to meet any of your needs. Tell him that type of relationship isn't what you're interested in, and he will either change or you will be free from it...

    Change your profile picture regardless because he doesn't deserve to holding claim to you if he isn't being your boyfriend...

    Don't text the guy though, it will come off as needy...

    Let him pursue you...


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  • It's only be two days, there is no rule that says when he should or should not call, just be patient every guy takes his own time. The long distance thing is obviously a waste of time. I've been in a long distance relationship before...they don't work. Your 'boyfriend" didn't even call you on Xmas or new yrs? that just says it all, move on. This new guy likes you and his available so don't waste your opportunity. In response to your last q yes it is possible that the FB profile pic put him off... maybe maybe not.

  • the moment you guys exchanged numbers/met, you were cheating. that's why long distance relationships aren't good. you never know if the other persons cheating or not unless your constantly talking via text or calling. he hasn't called you probably cause of the reason why you're so aggravted about the boring convos through text. it would just be the same thing, but over the phone. you need to rethink your relationship because well uve already cheated


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