Dating and living at home after college?

I see guys from time to time and talk to guys. A lot of the guys that talk to me are younger than me and have their own place and all that jazz. I live at home with my parents and feel inferior to them the young and successful one. I know the economy sucks but it seems to me some people live in that world where unemployment is high and others live in a world where opportunities are boundless. I work three jobs just to be able to maintain so I am not lazy waiting for my ship to come.

1. Do you think it is embarrassing/not good to be 23 and live at home.

2. Would you date someone like me? Why, why not?



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  • 1; I would rather see a women live with her parents than having to work every minute of the day just to scrape by with a couple pennies so she can live by herself.

    2. Yes, there is no shame living with your parents. A lot of people expect someone should be moved out on there own by a certain age which isn't really fair depending on the circumstances everyone has.

    • 1. Thanks... that like lifted a huge amount of anxiety that I have when it comes to explaining my living situation :)

      2. your right..

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  • It's pretty normal for somebody just out of college to be living at home for a while. Especially when unemployment is rather high.

    You should strive not to judge yourself or others by how much career success they've had. In the US (and most western countries) we put WAAAAAY too much emphasis on what people do for money. There's far more to a person - and to a life - than that.

    • I graduated in 2008... so it's been 3 years... I graduated a year and some months early only to ultimately be held back by the economy.

  • My thoughts are that sh*t happens. Sometimes the hardest workers don't reap the greatest rewards, which comes down to coincidence and luck. I would definitely date you, though. You're willing to work very hard, and that's a quality I very much appreciate in a girl.

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    • ugh... mine is playing the over heating game... I have to fill it with antifreeze or check it everyday. I think there is a leak... its just tough all over

    • I hope things work out for you, by the sound of it you really deserve it.

  • I live at home, I'm 31, and I have hardly worked since 2000. And that's fine by me. Work sucks if you're just in it for the money.

    • For me I work crazy hard... I love what I do and do what I love but it doesn't pay enough. At the end of the day I need to save for my self, be able to pay my bills, as well as be able to take care of my self. So the idea that your only in it for the money... I believe everyone is.. that's the whole deal with working.. its a constant process of learning new skills to gain more earning powerful then live the american dream.

    • Well I'm not even American. And not fully Canadian either -- I find my countrymen quite intolerable for the most part.

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