How long does it typically take for a guy to ask for a second date?

I had been talking to this guy off and on for a couple weeks. We had our first date about a week ago and it seemed to go really well. We drank beers and chatted for about 3-4 hours with no awkward moments. At the end we hugged, which I initiated, but he was happy to do. I got the feeling he had wanted to but didn't want to risk pushing.

Since then he's sent me a text and/or picture of stuff he thinks I'll like or find funny every day including when he was with family for the holidays. He sometimes is super sporadic with response times but he has apologized for not texting much which I told him he didn't need to and I meant. We all have lives. Due to all this though, and the date going well, I think he is into me but he hasn't initiated asking for another date yet even when I hinted I was interested.

I'm not super worried. I get it is the holidays and he has another short thing that is taking him out of town for a day or two soon but how long is average? Is there a point where I should give up or be the one to initiate setting up another date? It's just in the past if a guy has liked me he's suggested a follow up date after the first date, or the next day, even if it wasn't for a while. I get the vibe this guy is a bit more careful about not accidentally coming on too strong or getting too invested early on, which I totally respect. Since I haven't dealt with this situation though I wanted opinions.
How long does it typically take for a guy to ask for a second date?
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