I didn't make a move on a date. Did I screw up?

I went on a date with a girl I've known and been friends with for about a year.

It was actually really good. The whole time she was laughing (literally the whole time). We went and got drinks at a bar. I feel like I got points by jumpstarted someones car on the way out.

Everything was amazing, except.. I didn't make a move. It feels awkward with a friend. But she was awkward too.. incredibly awkward. She invited me to a concert but worded it "I got tickets and haven't invited anyone else yet." And she said, that's her way of trying to invite me. I called her out on it, and we both laughed at her awkwardness, with me saying, "You gotta say, Will you go with me hahaha"

We were going to go back to my apartment to drink wine, but Traffic was bad and she had to get home for work at 5am. I dropped her off and she texted me saying she had a lot of fun.

In the year I've known her she's never been that giddy. But I didn't make a move at all. I was VERY touchy though. Id touch her arm, or shoulder when we'd laugh.

TLDR: Date went great. I didn't make a move. Did I screw up?
I didn't make a move on a date. Did I screw up?
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