When to ask her to hang out again?

So I hung out with this girl who I really like last night, we had dinner together with a group of coworkers. She has a boyfriend, but he didn't come(something she was pretty upset about) so I got to sit next to her and we talked and laughed a lot ( we even shared some of each others food, which I think is a great sign). At the end of the night, I sent her a text saying it was really nice to finally do something with her outside of work. So when should I ask her to hang out again? Should I wait a few days or just ask her whenever? It is only hanging out, but I don't want to seem clingy.


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  • I don't think its a good idea for you to hang out with her alone. She has a boyfriend so hanging out with her will more than likely cause her problems as well as cause problems for you because chances are you'll become attached and unless if she's willing to leave her boyfriend for you then you'll just end up getting hurt in the end. Talk to her and be her friend but don't make any moves that aren't on a friendly level until she's single. You need to look out for yourself and evaluate the situation. Its perfectly fine to hang out with her in a group but not alone. Try to get a couple of people to go out again after work but keep your distance and just get to know her better.

    As for the sharing food part, that could just be a friendly gesture. It doesn't mean she's interested just because she shares her food with you.

    • Generally I agree with you, but this girl really seems to like me. If I ask her, she can always say 'No, I can't do anything right now' if she's feeling uncomfortable about it. I can't really get to know her better if I never hang out and talk to her, right? I've known her for 3 years, so there is already a good foundation between us.

      And I wouldn't think to share a drink from the same glass with someone I wasn't pretty comfortable with, but that's just me.

    • You've known her for 3 years so I'm sure she feels comfortable with sharing food with you. I still think you should wait. If she likes you then she wouldn't be with her boyfriend and would make more of an effort to show you that he's interested more than just sharing food with you. You can get to know her in a group of people as well, maybe not as much but it would be more of a cautious move.

    • See, she really liked me before, and I think she thought I wasn't interested so she got with someone else. Now I'm trying to show that I AM interested. She does show a lot of interest (both in the past and now) but she's definitely more reserved about it now because she is involved with someone. I know I can't expect her to just dump her current guy just because I'm suddenly reciprocating interest, but I do want to make sure she sees me as a potential boyfriend and not JUST a friend.

  • i would wait about a week. it's only hanging out so it wouldn't matter as much. just stay flexible.


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