Did I leave it too late? Please help!

this guy has liked me for about a month now and everyday he would call me and text me. We saw each other once and had an amazing time and he told me I'm the one for him and he could see us together. I didn't like him that much at the time and didn't show that much interest but now I'm starting to like him alot.

However now that I do like him, he doesn't call or text me that much anymore, and I'm left making the effort, did he just get fed up of waiting and move onto someone else? or does he like the attention of me calling him?


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  • To be honest it could be either of those. What did you say to him back then when he told you that?

    • i just said stuff like 'oh really, that's really cute' and 'i guess time will tell'

      i never agreed or anything but at the same time I never said no completely.

    • Ok well that's not to bad, but I think he tried chasing you and probably gave up. Now that doesn't mean he doesn't like you anymore, but if I were you I would start being the one who does the chasing, you could ask him out on a date, or to hang out or something like that and just see how it goes.

    • yeah I understand,

      thanks for that x

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  • I personally, am a firm believer in the idea that a good relationship works based on mutual feelings and that both parties should put an equal amount of work into talking to and seeing the other.


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  • i think he got fed up of waiting. But I'm sure you can get him back if you tried hard enough. Him saying that your the one for him is a pretty big deal! I dnt think he will be able to say no to you lol

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