When dating, is it better to play games or be yourself?

I was told if you can't play the game no ones going want to date you. I tried it but I feel like I'm being phony or treating my self like a sex object rather than just being me. Why are these games so important? How do they help keep or maintain a relationship?


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  • If you have to play games to make people like you, it won't last in the long run. If you act fake or lie about yourself to get into a relationship with someone, that relationship is effectively *built* on those lies.

    If you find a man and you both act naturally throughout the process, then you know each other for what you are, and you're compatible.

  • I think for the most part dating won't lead to healthy relationships just as you say. It's better to meet people in other ways, in more natural ways, than in the dating game structure. Meeting thorugh friends or in clubs is more natural.


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