Does a kiss on the cheek ever count as a real kiss?

Like say... A guy and a girl have known each other for like a year and they've hung out alot

After like two months of nonstop hanging out/talking on the phone all night, when they hug, he just kisses her on the cheek and he's never done that before

Would you take that as a sign?


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  • Yeah, I would take that as a sign.

    That would probably be on my mind all day.

    • So... If he did that and you still offered to hang out the next dayt, you'd probably be interested in him, right?

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    • lol no don't stay too close to her if you want to date her. Stay away cos then she's going to friend-zone you. Just make your move if you haven't had contact for a while. Go on a date , hold hands or even go for a kiss.REMEMBER" THE CLOSER YOU ARE= THE FRIEND-ZONE. THINK ABOUT IT

    • I haven't made contact in a while (only seen her like once in the past three months) but she's with someone right now :/

  • i'm hispanic so id be offended if he didn't kiss me on the cheek

    • lol but I understand what you say and in your situation yeah, I'd think it's a sign.

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