How many GAG users just make up their problems?

I come to this question because I got a message from one that the woman he asked advice for doesn't even exist and he's probably done so only because he has too much free time. He quit his account...but I am wondering how often do you think users on this website just make up their problems/questions?

What do you think of them/that issue?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • I do think a lot of the underage girls here, and there are many, want no advice They ,just want reassurance from their age mates here that it's oK to date a guy 8 years older when they're 16, etc., in other words they just want support for what they want to do, but know is wrong...

    The same is true for underage guys, but they don't usually have the option of dating much older women They also often ask questions just for peer support, though, I think. Also, they react with hostility if you tell them they're doing something wrong. The same way they respond to their parents,no doubt.

    Personally I"m at the point I don't generally answer anything from people under 18. The same in cyberspace as in 'real' life, unfortunately. Unless they are Asian, a culture where people are taught to respect advice from older people.

    They have no intention of following any advice contrary to what they want to do. So they don't really have a problem, as you say. Except maybe a little with their conscience.

    • Just a minute ago answerd one of these questions about the age gap, and naturally was told by a 17year old that 'I'm more mature than most 30 year olds." when I told her the age gap was too big. No way this girl was looking for any real adivice, jus wants to be told it's OK by the others. Said it was because he was in the army, as if that explained why he's not with his own age group

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    • I don't know but the image I got from guys in the army is that it might exactly be the reason why he's looking for somebody 13 years younger... no offense to the Army pple on this site... it's just the impression I got from some in the real life!

    • INteresting that all the girls are aware that at least some of the questions are of this type, if you look at the poll results, while the guys aren't so aware of it. I think my answer explains that difference.

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What Guys Said 5

  • i'm sure a few do just looking for attention.

  • i think most are genuine but who knows some people do have a lot of free time

  • Interesting poll results. I have to admit to asking some questions that are purely for fun.

    • u know what I find interesting...that mostly (except one girl) guys answered! :)

  • i think 5 out of 4 people lie this way.

  • I don't really care. I don't think that many are made up. But if they make up hilarious problems then that's a bonus.

    • haha yes sometimes I really think this is just a hilarious story but considering that some people take their time to answer honestly.. it sometimes feel like they pull on someones leg!

What Girls Said 2

  • I guess made up problems are okay, they don't really hurt anyone.. I'm sure quite a few are (not mine).

    I saw one question a guy asked about his parents dying, and when they spoke to me on chat after I answered, I found out it was fake when they lied about something and forgot they said it. I was honestly shocked.

    • I really hope it's not fun of making jokes about their parents dying...

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    • not you! the one who made up the story/question!

    • Aha, yeah. They were on a male account saying How will they learn to be a man without a Father, etc. And messaged me and I caught them out on a couple lies. They went on about them being a girl on their brother's account, and I asked why they needed to know how to be a man then? And they stopped replying. It's sick when there's actually people who have dead parents, not something to joke about.

  • How are we supposed to know how many?

    Well people on the internet lie a lot and the make up stories about themselves.Even on the advice forums so it doesn't really surprise me.

    I don't think there are many on here though.

    • I don't assume that anybody of you knows... I was just asking of how many you THINK lie here.

    • I already answered. Not many. At least not many regular users.

      Trolls don't count because they are usually obvious.