What does he want? What is he thinking? I need advice... Please help. What is he thinking?

I've been in love with my ex for over a year now. We dated briefly a year ago and since then things have been a little rocky for both of us.

I came back 3 months ago after spending 9 months in another country. He'd continued to speak to me during that time and asked for news now and then.

I came back only to find out that he was dating another women, the first since we were not together anymore. However he's stare at me all he could whenever he saw me and acted all flirtatious when we'd speak, I even caught him telling his flatmate that he still liked me, so I thought I might still have a chance.

I decided to send him a message the week before I left again just because I wanted to see him again, one last time. He did not reply. We never had the occasion to talk about it, until today.

He connected himself on the fb chat and started apologizing for his non-answer. He told me things where pretty complicated back then and that he wish he had.

He also asked what would have happened if we had seen each other and why I wanted to see him before I left, why him more than another guy.

I'm confused. What does he want? What is he thinking?

Seriously? No one wants to help me out here?


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  • Hard to say what he is thinking but he is thinking about you on some level or you wouldn't be in the position to wonder. I say that you should talk to him, be honest with yourself about what you want with him and then answer his questions honestly as well. If you are back now without plans for another extended leave, why not see if you can start this up again and see where it ends up. Since you two only dated briefly but you have continued to have strong feelings for him, well I would keep in mind that you really need time to get to know each other, live and in person, before you know if the real deal with live up to your expectations. Good luck!


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  • He's hoping that he will get a f*ck out of you.

    Look ex's are a reason they are ex's...it didn't work first time out, he moved on and got himself another relationship - you should too. You have your own life, so live it, there are so many great guys in the world, why are you so caught up over just one man?

    Just stay away from him otherwise you'll get hurt, because he obviously doesn't want you the way you want him.

    • Well, He was never really me ex because we never actually broke up. I left and he figured I was not interested and started dating another women.

      I've tried dating other men since him but they all seem so uninteresting compared to him..

    • Well then all I can say to that is he probably feels your unstable, if you just got up and left without deciding whether the relationship was still going or it was ending and not telling him, then shame on you to do that to him. I think the damage has been done, move on, you'll find another interesting guy, just next time if you do go off on another adventure make sure you tell the guy what's happening in the relationship.

  • don't be a home wrecker


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  • he wants you to convince him why you like him so much, then and now also.

    he just wants to clear his mind on you and he's curious as to what you are thinking.

    you should tell him if you want.

    this does not mean he will leave his girlfriend for you, but who knows.

    good luck

    • What do you mean by "convince him why you like him so much, then"

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    • Ok. What really confuses me in all this is the fact that he never answered in the first place. Why would he be apologizing now?

    • he has a girlfriend, he probably doesn't want to think of you too much. why is he apologizing now? Maybe he thinks you need the closure. take it for what it is. if you're so curious hopefully you will get your chance to talk to him. good luck