What do men and women want?

all my years of dating, I have seen this that women want prince charming but date the jerk who is only good for one thing..being arm candy and men date those b*tchy sluts who have mental issues and call girl's with working brains boring.

i don't get it! is it all because of the sex part? but why would a person want to sleep with such degenerates when better people are around , you just have to try a little harder to be with them. are we all that lazy?


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  • ok maybe you're mad because you haven't found the right guy yet.

    some people date the person they are dating because they think they love that person and they think that person loves them, or they feel chemistry or something of the like.

    I don't think I know ALL the reasons ofcourse and I am sure you are not stating all the reasons why people date who they date.

    I dated and married my guy because we had good vibe and we clicked. Also I liked that he was taller than me, educated, had a great job and career, he was exactly my age and we went to elementary school together and knew a lot of the same people back from way back then. I also found him some what appealing since he would do anything (literally) to come see me (long distance relationship), even pay his friends huge sums of money each weekend (he didn't have a car because he was there for business only) to drive to see me. When he flew back to where he was actually working, he flew 4000 miles to see me... so that's what made me fall for him and choose him.

    but whatever... everyone has their own reason. just make sure you choose the right one for you and dont' worry too much about other people and their love lives.

    • i'm not mad...just curious. I have friends who keep cribbing how a**hole like their boyfriends are but they still date them. Now I couldn't go to my friends and say you guys have jerk boyfriends and you too are messed up so I asked this question here...thanks alot. tons of happiness to you both.

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  • Not all guys want the work and drama of dating a sophisticated woman so they go for the "easy lay."

    I prefer an intelligent woman who can hold her own in a conversation/battle of wits. I like a woman who is brutally honest, about everything yet affectionate and compassionate. Someone with ambitions, goals, and motivation. Physical attractiveness is a plus, but when it comes to attractiveness usually "likes" attract so I don't focus too much on that. I don't like super skinny girls or large girls. I prefer a woman who is similar to me in weight, but shorter. I don't think I could date a girl whose taller that me. I don't like short hair (Above the jaw line) or gaudy makeup. I prefer a woman who looks natural. Some touch up makeup is great though when used right. I prefer women who have traditional woman who likes to do the housework while the man does the outdoor stuff. I prefer a woman who has good motherhood values. And I prefer a woman who is confident in her sexuality and willing to initiate.

    No single "want" should ever be a deal breaker.

    • That one like should read: "I prefer women who have traditional values, who likes to do the house work while the man does the outdoor stuff."...

      Don't misread though. I enjoy doing indoor activities too, especially cooking. Cooking is a great time to bond, communicate, etc.

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  • Yeah its laziness and impatience because there are too many of the no goods around so they are convenient. Plus a lot of girls are used to be ing disappointed and used so that's all they know and it becomes a comfort zone. And the reason why the guys date women with problems is because there are so many of them around who got that way because of jerks. So it goes hand in hand. Most guys aren't about nothing good and Most women are emotionally messed up. In order to get what we want, we have to be patient and stop looking and wasting our time with people who show us signs at the beginning that they are not what I want then you drop them but we mostly don't do that. We settle foer less because that is all we see.

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