Getting tired of online dating sites?


I'm wandering how girls conceive of on-line dating sites as to the filtering period duration hanging at the such site.

i mean, you want to make friend with a girl at her dating profile and leave responses to her diary and get her response to it, etc.

but I felt like jerk - it seems endless. Girls just want you to wait, be patient, etc.

but for how long, depending on what criteria?

maybe I'm of a little bit impatient type.

anyone enlightens me on this point?

ps: it seems endless


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  • Online dating isn't all that different from any other scenario, you have to be confident and original and not push it. First of all don't just always talk about how sexy a girl is and that you want her blah blah blah. Take an interest in things she likes, ask her questions about herself, make witty comments. If you are going to be sexual, then don't be direct, use innuendo and wit, not straight forward ludeness.

  • One thing that might help is if you try not to misspell easy words like "wondering."

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