I'm not sure if I want to date him. Please give your opinions. Everything is helpful :)

I like this guy (very nice, funny, teasing, gentleman), but I'm not sure if I want to date him. Does that make any sense?

Reasons why I am questioning not dating him:

I've already told him that I like him (after he kept asking who Iiked) and he said that he might want to date after midterms. The problem is that he has not told me if he likes me or not. :/


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  • Just like anon suggested, just be friends with him.

    Or are you already friends already?

    Did he ask you to be his girlfriend or something?

    Either way, if you can't see yourself being with him, well, you might as well be friends, he sounds like a nice guy.

    • I've already told him that I liked him though (which I'm sure that I do). I'm just unsire of his feelings which makes me think that there's no point in a relationship if it's only coming from one side.

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  • You might want to include what makes you unsure if you want to date him or not.

  • sounds like friends material to me

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