Why did my last hook up decide to finally delete me?

I hooked up with this girl on Tinder in the summertime & i swore after we had sex i kinda felt something because with other girls i felt nothing but her i felt something... also happens she happen to be into thing's im into such as her career interest & things she likes to do for the community. She seem'd like she was into me at first but i didn't push anything i just said if she wanted to meet again to hit me up... we did watch eachother stories on snap for month's but never spoke other then asking about a food she ate or im eating or ne telling her she was pretty in a pic. She just now decided to delete me off snap i noticed, i just don't get why she didn't just delete me right after we had sex months ago? Was maybe something there i should have spoke up about?


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  • Maybe she found someone else

    • 3d

      Usually other girls stay on my friends list & we just don't talk but that's about it lol

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