Does he not respect me?

My best friend of 2 years and I are now dating. We have hung out so many times before as best friends/ crushing on one another.
He is super busy with work and school. So I asked him if he would like to go to the new Thai place tonight. He said "no promises cause I may work late but I will let you know in a bit" He texted me back that he is able to.

He told me the place is 2 mins from his house & I live all the way across town. So to just meet him at his house and we will go there. I was a bit upset that he didn't come to pick me up. I told him he should be driving cause that's usually how it goes. He said "everything we do is 50/50 and it makes no sense to travel across town"

So I came to his house. He then came out wearing gym clothes. I was wearing jeans & a nice top. He then drove my car to the place. And had his hand on my leg on the way there. I told him that he needs to wear fancy clothes when we go out. And he said "I thought this place was casual"

It was a nice dinner and he paid for everything. I wanted ice cream afterwards and he said "no; we are done for today. Another time." and laughed. He then drove me back to his house and kissed me goodnight.

Do these signs show he doesn't respect me? Anytime I ask him last minute to hang out with my family and I he is busy with work or school. He talks to me every day and never leaves me on read even tho he is super busy.

But does he respect me?


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  • I wouldn't translate it into that he's necessarily not respecting you. Like the thing you said about how you dressed nice while he dressed casually, it genuinely seems like a difference in opinion and difference as a person, which should be expected tbh. I wouldn't read into it, rather remind yourself that people are different.

    • 2d

      He tells me I am beautiful everyday & wants me to send him a selfie everyday cause it brings him happiness. But even as best friends he used to just wear gym clothes everywhere. So I guess you are right.

    • 2d

      seems like he's quite into you :') good luck !

    • 2d

      Thank you :)

  • He sure respects himself, that is a start. I thought women are to be loved and men respected. What seems happening is you don't feel loved, I think, or valued... which is translated as not respect... I think. He certainly isn't picking up on your needs and putting your needs first. So I'm going to say, he prioritizes himself first. Girls can't stand that as it violates girl rule #1 (baby me!). The fact he talks every day is very positive though

    There is definite mis communication, mis conceptions going on, and expectations not being met. Trouble in paradise brewing. Honestly, he may not know how to treat a girl yet. Girls think this is all automatic, it isn't.

    • 2d

      So you think he is a bad person?

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    • 12h

      also, can you cry, can you express sadness, are you sad?

    • 11h

      No I msged the other guy after saying I am done with the last one. I am over him now and he is apologizing and begging like crazy now. I am over all of it.

      I am now going to talk to this new guy. I think I have learned what I went through with my last guy.

  • make him also eat shit


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