How to deal with negative emotions in a relationship?

Mine are mainly due to insecurity and guilt for getting really jealous and insecure. I got jealous to the point i didn’t want to communicate with my boyfriend. He made a joke about converting my lesbian/bi roommate, because i made a joke about how well they hit it off and how they talk about science so much (both are science majors).

Anyways, his joke made me feel insecure because what if he said it because on some level he is attracted to her? I’m not a science major, but, i try and appreciate my bf’s conversations about it all. And i know we connect on a deep level. But, i just feel a lot of insecurity because i feel my roommate may be attracted to him or at least curious about him (she has talked about wanting to try and be with guys). My boyfriend seems to be fine. But, I’m worried my negative emotions and insecurity are creating a wedge between us.


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