Would you go for a guy like this?

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Tall, dark skinny and handsome. Very educated. Nice quiet guy, not a loud guy. Not popular, has a few loyal friends. Well/smart dressed and wealthy background. Polite and well spoken.
Not the same race/skin colour as you.
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What Girls Said 2

  • Yeah, of course.
    But only if our personalities match, we get along, and he makes me happy.

    As for the other factors:
    -Tall, dark skinny and handsome: that's fine
    -Very educated: that's a huge plus! It means I would have someone to hold a conversation with
    - Nice quiet guy, not a loud guy: Good. I tend to be quiet as well
    -Not popular, has a few loyal friends: Nothing wrong with that. They say people with fewer friends tend to be intelligent and loyal because they're careful who they let into their lives.
    -Well/smart dressed and wealthy background: That's fine I guess, not a big deal to me
    -Polite and well spoken: Always a plus! Shows he was raised to be respectful and well mannered and will treat others with respect.
    -Not the same race/skin colour as you: Again, not a big deal to me. Race does not matter to me if we have things in common and get along well.

  • You had me at educated. So yeah totally.


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