How do you tell a man is serious about going on a date?

My story, I have been internet dating for around 9months for the first couple of months I went on loads of dates but I never heard from the guys again so I gave it a rest for a while.

I am back now, but either

> cannot get a date and do not get asked out,

> I get blown out

> the man asks but then when it comes to making arrangements they just go AWOL

etc etc etc

So how do I tell if a guy is serious about going out on a first date?

What are the signs that I am wasting my time when chatting with them online?

Getting really fed up and lonely that I cannot meet someone or even just get dates anymore.

I need clues, signs - help to make sure I get dates and that I do not get blown out.


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  • Honeslty its not you're fault , its the guys who blow it , a guy like me I met this girl online and I asked her out on a date , we didn't chat that much ,in the meantime we've been txt and we went out again , some guys they just want to chat to waste time and most of them they do have girlfriends , so if you want my advice any guy who keep chating more than month and don't ask you out he's just playing , if a guy want to ask you out he'll do that even if you didn't chat that much with him , because he's interesting in you .other wise move on and try to find some guy who contact you and try to ask you out .

    • I agree I do not talk to anyone for long time like you rightly say if it goes on for more than couple of weeks its not going anywhere, am not after penpals after all.

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  • Babe, you need to go grab your yearbook, sit in the dumpster awhile and remember all those hot guys from days gone by. We're oldies now. Inter-dating's just not for us anymore. Remember back to the prime of life when all the guys were flirting with you. Yeah just sit back and remember, cause if you're looking to the screen for a hunk that's mean, you gotta be slick, and pretend you're a chick. And trust me, when you get to be my age, that doesn't work anymore. You find out that all those horrible wrinkles you're developing are just another excuse why that dude doesn't want to date you, so go sit on a lilypad and remember days gone by.

    • You must have me confused with someone with wrinkles who doesn't look good! lol

  • I would take it easy on the use of the phrase "blown out" for starters. Given that your are the owner of a vagina it could indicate high mileage with no warranty. Next, I would have to suggest you do not shop for long term relationships on the internet. Dating on the internet is like a communist country. A few winners and whole lot of losers. And last, I would consider that you re-evaluate your dating pool. If you try to score with guys that have serious head injuries and can not seem to remeber where they left their car keys then you are headed for a night full of suprises. Garbage in, garbage out! - J p.s. Blondes Blown out #38 sounds like a porno I would buy for sure! have you coined this phrase ? Good luck !

  • My first question would be.what are you telling guys online?

    Many times I ask questions to a female and based on their responses, I immediately categorize them as easy laid, might have to work it to get laid, or, I really would like to date this girl.


    Woman makes comments on the fact that she meets too many players. The fact that she is meeting too many of these, Immediately tells me that this woman is not smart enough to filter them out, and thus she gets played, which categorizes her as an easy laid. If she got played before, why can't I play her?

    Hence, before trying to find out what is it that makes guys blow you off, I would be curious as to what exactly you tell the guys because lots of guys out there that pick on what women say and use that against them.

    • I don't tell them anything! And never comment about any previous dates be it good or bad, why anyone would share that is beyond me.

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