Kissing someone else?

I kissed some other guy and my ex boyfriend saw, and then texted me "get in there x" and my friend saw that he kept looking over and said are you jealous and he said no. What was his reason to text me if he wasn't?


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  • Who dumped who?!

    often it is a jealousy thing whether people admit it or not! HOWEVER it shouldn't be mistaken for jealousy as in iwant you back' or 'i want to be the one kissing you'... its often just a show about whos doing 'better' since the breakup.

    Oh! and curiosity too - why send a message if he didn't want to know more...?

    • well... we still sleep with each other and kiss when we're drunk, but I haven't kissed him since halloween, but he always drunk texts me like "i wish you were here" etc, so that's why I'm abit :S about the whole thing.

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    • What do you mean a kiss isn't just a kiss to him? And I totally agree with you, it's just not nice doing that even if they are an ex.

    • Well if he's saying he misses you and stuff then when you guys hook up it probably just makes him think you are going to get back together sooner or later.

      Sigh. I don't know - ex's are hard territory and its difficult when you share a lot of friends and stuff and are forced to see each other but it really is just best to keep your distance as much as possible for a while

  • Just because he says he's not jealous doesn't mean he's not.

    • I'm guessing he was just jealous about the whole thing then.

    • Well think of it this way, if you saw him kissing someone else... wouldn't you be jealous?

    • if I still liked him, yes