What puts you off when on a date? Biggest deal breakers?

The person you like finally asks you or agrees to go out with you on a date. Everything goes well at the start, the you realize damn this was a mistake. What most likely put you off?



Bad Habits


Bad breath



Answer honestly based om personal experiences! :P


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  • I would say, talking about an ex and saying you still have feelings for them, if you go out and you see someone you know and talk to them for more then 10 minutes (your there with your date not to socialize with others) if its your first date and the one your taking out doesn't look like they even took the time to at least pick out a nice outfit, if she puts herself down and blames herself for all the problems in her life and if she can't at least hold a good conversation. These are the big ones I at least look for.


    • If they don't take time to pick a nice outfit- totally agree with that and holding a good conversation is a big one for me too!

    • Yep, so I hope this helps you out. But one thing I forgot to add is if the girl is not being herself. To me that is a turn off because I am out with her cause I like her and I don't want her to be someone she is not.


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  • Things I Hate from personal experience:

    -being late

    -Talking about the ex

    -Checking your phone/texting/calling (excuse yourself and go to the bathroom and do that) Be discreet about it.

    -No conversation skills.

    -being rude to the waiter or any service employee

    -being rude to me! I had a guy tell me to shut up already when I hadn't even said more than 3 words

    -psycho girlfriend showing up on a date ( had this happen )

    • wow those are all deal breakers but the last two are instant deal breakers!

    • Yes I have walked out on dates. 15 minutes was the quickest one. If I'm not happy I won't put the guy or myself through the trouble.

    • The whole texting ordeal bothers me ALOT. Like obviously your not very interested in what's going on here if your texting others.