How can I tell him to relex?

I recently started dating this guy. He's great and sweet but the problem is he seems to be trying too hard impress me. I really like him but I wish just he relex a bit. It gots on my nerves any guy trying too hard. How can I tell him to relex?


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  • Tell him you are tired of his stupid attitude and you need him to realize he's not the only one on the top of your list. After all, you're a busy girl with lots of other guys to talk to and if he won't settle down and stop showing off, you're going to ditch him. tell him it's just like an airport. If there's fuel going into the plane, the plane's staying, but when the fuel starts to overload and is too much for the plane, the plane's just going to take off. Catch my drift? Good. I knew you would. You're a smart girl with lots of brains and guts, except for the fact you're asking internet people how to date. Face it, kid. None of us really cares. So unless you've got about 30 grand sitting in your bank account, no boy really wants you. In fact not only do we not care. None of us really exist. You could be talking to a sarcastic computer program that types these in automatically searching the net for little stupid girls like you to believe us. I hope you're satisfied with this answer, because you're not getting anymore from me.


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  • Walk up to him and say, "You're a big loser for acting so stupid. Just chill." That'll solve the problem. Let him know you think he's the biggest jerk in the world. Once he knows that, your problem will be gone.

  • One of the easiest solutions most girls seem to overlook is just to be blunt, straight and factual. If he's trying to hard, just tell him XD. End of problem.


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  • Tell him very sweetly and tactfully that you like him for who he is and that all he's got to do is be himself.