Texting... What do I do? Too short.....

If you started texting someone and they didn't reply for a really long time (and they generally do reply within 5 min.), what would you do? I'm fairly sure he can text since he's on Facebook (I can't use fb right now). Have you ever heard of the ten min rule? Do you use it? I don't want to be too needy sounding.


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  • There's no rule when it comes to texting or messaging on the internet. Not everyone has their phone next to them 24/7 waiting for a call/text so they can respond right away. Just relax and don't worry about it. Its not a big deal. His phone could be off, on silent, or somewhere not near him. You never know. If he doesn't text you back then its not the end of the world.

    • I get that. I'm not crying or anything. I was just asking a question about a person who typically always has their phone. And actually, there's a rule where if a fast texter doesn't reply in about 10 min. you text them to see what's up.

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    • Hahaha you have a lot to learn. Constantly texting someone just because they don't text back right away makes you look completely needy and clingy. Not everyone has their phone attached to their hip.

    • Sadly, he does. And messaging someone TWICE is far from constant. Thanks for your input but it no longer matters.

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  • Don't conduct a relationship or "getting to know someone" via text msg. Pick up the phone or talk in person.

    • I'm not really trying to start a relationship- that got completely screwed up. So I've kinda given up on a relationship with him unless he makes a move first.

    • I just think texting allows a lot of miscommunication. If you talk to him on the phone, it allows room for tone and even better if you see his face you can pick up what vibe he is giving off.

      Good luck!

    • Thanks :) but I think "luck" is past helping me :P

  • Msg me, hun.