How do I start dating again, after I've been burned?

I want to start dating again, but I don't want to fall in love just to be dumped by text message, for no reason again. I know I deserve better than my ex who did this. I want to fine someone genuine, not a player pretending to be into me for a year

Thanks I definitely wouldn't talk too much about my ex anyway. It was far from a happy relationship


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  • ok, so you know you deserver better...thats great! now all you got to do is take a breath know what you want in a person know what you want this person to bring to the 'relationship', if it gets that far, but you got to know what you can bring and what you're willing to give to this other person..

    You can't be holding on to past events and act as if every man is out to dump you via text, they aren't all like that and the sooner you realize that you will be burned a 1000times more until you meet Mr right, if he is out there..the sooner you will get over it, find your confidence again and find this magical person we all look for.

    Be yourself be confident and don't settle for less..

  • how to start dating?

    -first don't mention your ex too much when you meet your first guy

    just focus on him and getting to know him

    and let him know you and your interests

    try to just think of your ex as a mistake and that you don't need to share that mistake or whatever. If the new guy really wants to know if you have had relationships just say, yeah and it didn't work out. Don't add to it or make up stuff.

    That's what my guy did, he added to it and made up stuff to make his ex and his relationship sound perfect and lovely dovey when it wasn't. The truth is, he should have just left it in the past and not talked about it so much. It just made me think he wasn't over her and that he was a complete liar and a loser who has to make himself look good when he was a total loser who was a tool for her and she dumped him and cheated on him numerous times and never even paid attention to him. \

    so just be happy you are through with that terrible relationship and don't have to lie about it. Just say it was a terrible relationship, that wasn't meant to be and didn't work out. And that's all you can say.

    hope that helped out.