Are women’s standards too high?

Generally speaking, women are more sexually desirable than men. More men chase after women than women chasing after men. So naturally, women have higher standards than men.

One problem right now with women is that they often have stuff sugarcoated to them and aren’t told the truth. After a tough breakup with some dude are whatever, they’ll be told stuff like “DoNt WoRRy YoU aRE BeAuTiFul And PeRFecT. YoU wiLl fInD YouR PriNcE ChArMiNg sOoN. juSt KEEp YoUr StAnDarDs HiGh.”

The problem with this approach is that it assumes that there is nothing wrong with said women and that other men are to blame. It also encourages women to keep their standards high.

The issue at hand is that this idea of keeping standards high is unclear and vague. Does it mean to find the best guy possible? Does it mean to only go for the hottest guys out there and anything else is settling? Does it mean only go for guys who have a steady lifestyle and career? Does it mean to only go for rich guys?

Men are often discouraged to have high standards and are often told to lower their standards if they want to get laid or find a girlfriend. This is true for most men except for the Top 10-5% of men. The “hot” guys.

Girls are crazy about hot guys. They fantasize about them, and often will run up to them at a bar/club/party. The grand majority of women are willing to marry/befriend/hookup with one. I know a couple of dudes who fall into this category and they all have extremely high sexual partner counts. The smallest one being below 50.

Now I am aware that they are not the only men out there who hookup/date/get married as plenty of less attractive men also find a women. However it feels as if the current dating atmosphere heavily favors women and the most attractive of men out there.

Maybe I’ve been in college for too long and my view of dating is distorted from the real world, but it feels like women nowadays are excessively picky and have maybe too high of standards.
Are women’s standards too high?
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