When does masculinity become a turnoff?

Several girls say they want a man and by man they mean some dude who acts like one. Thing is, girls also complain about dudes acting like dudes and not being able to connect with them well.

I mean lets go over a couple of dude cliches and tropes.

Only drinks beer, whiskey, and other dude alcohol. Makes fun of other dudes who drink girly drinks.

Only drives/likes dude cars like pickup trucks, muscle/sports cars, off road vehicles, and other dude cars.

Firm believer in the man card and that doing things that don’t associate with being a man leads to a revocation of the man card.


Stays away from girly things such as romantic comedies, mall shopping, talking about feelings, etc.

Firm believer in bros before hoes and often prioritizes time with his bros over spending time with a woman/wife/gf/kids.

Thinks turning down alcohol is a revocation of a man card.

Only wears dark/neutral colors and wears baseball/flat bill hats everywhere. Does not want to dress stylish because it’s girly.

Gym rat.

Crazy about his sports team and is a firm believer in following unwritten rules about sports (only root for 1 team per league). Belittles rival fans and guys who don’t care about sports.

So a lot of these things are things that girls complain about from either dudes they are seeing, dating or married to. Girls say they want a masculine manly like dude but they tend to complain when they do these things.
When does masculinity become a turnoff?
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