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Ok this guy I like and me always hang out together. Since we've gotten to be too busy we haven't done so in a while. One time I texted him if he wanted to hang out or do something together soon, he said something like "Maybe." I know what this does mean, but is it on the verge of "it's not going to happen, so don't waste your breath on it", or like it's maybe a possibility? I know it's like a 50-50 chance. But I know him he's busier than normal busy as he told me many times, if it doesn't happen no big deal, but he'll probably won't hear from me in awhile since he hardly initiates but when I do it first he gets excited, flirts, etc. But we usually don't text long at all. I wanted to truly hang out with him, but I got a feeling it probably won't happen.

I'm sorry I put this in the flirting category originally. I don't why it got sexuality lol Why did it change it? That's weird. The category should be Flirting, anyway.
Oh actually he did have an excuse, I let some info out. OK he said he had to do something with his Church all weekend, then when I asked him if we could hang out sometime another weekend, he said something like "Maybe".


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  • He is giving you the cold shoulder, Text him, when he wants to hang out to let you know, and that you will not bother him again until he is ready.


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  • Well if he only said maybe without so much as even a little excuse, it seems like a bad sign. Although don't give up hope. In a few days or even longer really, just text him again and ask if you can hang out, if he still says no or something similar, ditch him for a while. I've heard before that if a guy likes you, he would make time to see you no matter how busy he is, and I think this applies here.