Tall girls would you ever date a short guy?

I have a thing for tall girls, I am not saying that short girls are ugly, but tall girls are just really sexy to me, specially their long legs, really turn me on lol. But the problem is that I am short I am a 5'6 or 168 cm tall guy, it used to be a huge issue but I have learned to live with it. I think I have the personality but I don't know if 5'9 or 176cm + tall girls would ever date a short guy with a big heart :)


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  • my last girlfriend was just shy of 5ft 9" and I'm 5ft 5". There's still hope for you my friend :)

    like you...i find taller girls sexy


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  • Maybe. I'm 5'9". I think it might be a little awk at first. Plus, sex could be a challenge because I have a long torso.

    • So no? there are many ways to have sex and must positions are laying on your back.

    • Yeah but then his head would probably be in my chest area lol...I guess that's not bad for him. I think I would give it a chance.

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