I'm losing interest in her because of this and I don't want to seem needy, since I'm not.

If you notice my previous postings, it's about this same girl...bear with me:

Everything's been going well, we text every single day, ALL day and laugh and have pretty good convos.

We even made date plans (a week ago) for when I come back to school next week, and we had fun with it...

Yesterday we were just having a convo about restaurants (just to make convo) and I joked with her, "are you asking me out on an a date?" Jokingly she said no, and I kept egging her on about it...she said laughingly, that I don't give her an options (this, after I suggested plans for dinner/date)...then, she said "haha your such a creeper! I'm gonna hide from you now lol" I joked back a little but I kept joking on about the "creeper" thing to mess with her because I kind of didn't like that.

For the first time in a month, we had our first night of awkward/upset vibe for a while (then things went back to normal)

I asked her what was up and why she was being dry...she explained how her (guy) friend (who she's always mentioning randomly) is being lame and doesn't want to hang out. So she was explaining how she invited him over to help her bake, watch tv, and hang out...he apparently invited HER to his place to take a walk with him and his dog, she wasn't feeling it and she said no, she told me. So I said, "I see" she replied by saying "yaaaa my tatttterrr friend" (her tattoo artist friend)...I said "yup" and she said, "what do you mean yup?" and I simply answered, "like, I follow"

We didn't chat for about an hour and she told me she was chatting with her mom (I'm assuming because she was upset about her "friend" talking to her like she was a little girl or whatever else she was saying she was upset about.)...

Anyway, today, we were having a great convo up until she mentioned how she went to go eat on her lunch break and the place was closed, so she texted this dude again to ask him if he knew why they were closed, she says she had no idea why she texted him about it...and once again, I kind of turned dryer than usual and maybe she sensed it and kind of went back to last night's them vibe.

**I'm really sorry if this is kind of all over the place, and long but it's the best way I can explain it...

She's kind of turning me off lately strictly by the fact that she mentions him every so often and they always hang out...I'm not dumb, I understand that she most likely likes the guy and so does he, but why does she always mention him knowing that I'm into her and we flirt non-stop...not to mention I've been planning a date with her, she went along with it, AND she send each other pretty bold pic mail?

I'm losing interest in her because of this and I don't want to seem needy, since I'm not...but I'm seriously over her talking about him non stop. What the hell should I do/say?


I need to know what I can do/say to let her know that I don't like it...also, without actually coming off as weird, jealous, or needy...


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  • You may have to give up on her. She doesn't seem to know what she wants. She could be mentioning this other guy to send the message that she isn't interested In you, but I'm not sure why she would still be flirty (especially with pictures). Next time she mentions him, switch the subject. If she keeps leading back to him ask her why she wants to talk about him so much and the convo will probably show you what's going on. One other thing that could be up (but PROBABLY not) is that she could be mentioning this other guy to show you that she's wanted elsewhere (she'd be playing stupid games if this is the case). Lots of luck :) hope things become clearer soon!

    • Ooh... Another thing you could do is just flat out ask about the date ("so... About that date we were talking about earlier, what would you like to do?" or something like that. It may help show her sincerity of wanting to date you.

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    • Thanks for the feedback again, Greeneyes4242... :)

    • Oh, no problem! Yeah, don't stress, just see how things play out. Lots of luck :)

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