Is this a bad thing?

I'm 17

I never really had a boyfriend

i haven't had my first kiss

I've never done anything

its like guys are afraid of me or something

***I'm not hideous either*** guys talk to me but not ones I'm interested in


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  • I used to be like you except for the boyfriend part. I have had some boyfriends, but I wasn't kissed cause those relationships were online and on the phone. I am never ever doing long distance relationship again unless I have met the guy in person and I absolutely have to. Anyway, 6 months ago I had a crush on this total gorgeous, intelligent, gentleman, who also had a crush on me. We met at summer restaurant work, I was the new girl. We talked, he asked me out, I said yes (obviously), and its been 6 months. I think I will have to do some long distance with him for a while cause I recently applied for a volunteer program that will take me out of the province, miles and miles away from my sweetheart.

    The point I am trying to make to you with my story is that, I was 17 too when this happened, just turned 18 now. I felt like something was wrong with me too sometimes, but then most of my friends haven't been kissed either and they are around the same age (trust me they are good-looking).

    I can't tell you when you will get a boyfriend or when you will get kissed. All I can say is that, be confident, look at the guys you already have (guyfriends), flirt with them (there's nothing wrong with it), google and find out what men do when they want to show interest for a woman, search for those signals (your intuition is the best tool to be used when determining if a guy likes you or not, unless you cloud those feelings with thoughts of negativity). But most of all, please, I beg you, please be yourself. The guy will like you more cause you are not pretending to be someone you are not, and there is less work and more fun in being yourself. :)

    • thanks this was very helpful,

    • WOW, thanks for the best answer! By the way, you didn't have to appear Anonymous for this question, lots of people ask similar questions. :)

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  • prove you're not hideous.

    • prove your not a pedophile looking for his next victim

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    • Liking you wouldn't be paedophilia. As you've started puberty.

      Why would I travel countries to get a "Victim", there's plenty of girls where I live.

      You're probably not even not that hot.

      I bet you have your facebook pictures public or at least so friends of friends can see them.

    • pedophiles search online too, I never said was hot I said I'm not hideous which means I could be hot cute average and yes on facebook I only add people I know I don't have to worry about close friends being a pedophile

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