How to hang out with a guy if you are a girl, without leading them on?


I need to know how to be conservative, not snobby,...or obnoxious, and good enough to be liked as a FRIEND but not anything more. How do I know when I am at that point!? I am hanging out with my ex's friend and I do not want to lead him on the least! not a bit, zero...need to know how to hang out with me as if I was a guy or something...but not. Respected! How? please tell me if you have achieved that ladies, and men what do you feel about this questions!?

Do suggest. THANK YOU!


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  • To be honest, you should be yourself, especially if you're a "man's woman". If you stand there and chug a beer in front of the guy, he probably will consider that a positive, but the girls that are considered "one of the guys" normally don't get approached in a flirty type way, and if he flirts with you, flirt back, but do it in a joking way. If you just act how you normally would, he won't make move on you, and if he does who says you can't deny him? It won't kill the guy, unless he's very sensitive.

  • 1. don't dress up when you are around him. Go with the least amount of "doing up" that you can handle without being embarrassed haha. Shows him you aren't concerned with how you look around him. 2. Don't break the touch barrier, if you do, apologize. Just avoid touching him unless absolutely necessary. 3. Talk about some other guy you are thinking about talking to, and that you want to date that guy.

    You do that a couple times, and it should be pretty obvious.


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