How do I get this girl to stop being mad at me for something that she knows I have no control over?

So there is this girl she likes or is showing me all the signs she likes me but she has this ex that still likes her and she likes him a little still. He hates me for talking to her and stuff. So, today she was mad at me saying I "ruined her life" but not telling me why. I asked her friends and they told me that she and her ex got in a fight about me and her liking each other. So she is mad at me for something I have no control over me and her liking each other which makes no sense. So how do I get her to stop being mad at me still. I used to walk her to class every day but today she kept walking away from me and ignoring everything I said for no reason PLEASE ANYONE CAN YOU TELL ME WHAT TO DO I WOULD APPRECIATE IT IF YOU DID THANK YOU :'(


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  • Well first I can't tell you what to do because I haven't been in the situation you are in. I'll give my input based on opinion. If both of them still like each other then you can't do anything about it. It's not your fault that she's mad at you, it's her fault that she can't make up her mind as to which guy she will stick with. If she can't make up her mind then I'll suggest just forgetting about her as I would hate for a girl to play games and play with my feelings if I don't know her true feelings about me and if she's willing to stop all other likes for other guys.

    If she's choosing to ignore you and she blames you for things that weren't your fault but between her and her ex then she's confused, I wouldn't encourage still trying to get with her but at the same time I'm just giving this based on opinion, if you still feel that you have a shot with her then go for it but don't let her ex keep intimidating you, they broke up for a reason.

    Good Luck!


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  • wow I don't see how she would be like that at all. I would say there's probably something that you don't know. it kind of feels like somethings missing. good for you that you talked to her friends. that's what I would say to do but you already did it. keep your eyes open for anything else that would help this all make sense.

    being a girl and everything I would say that it's just habbit for her to side with her ex. things turn into habbits even if you don't like the person anymore. I used to like this guy and once I stopped liking him it took me forever to stop looking at his pictures and my stomach jumping when I heard his name even though I found him extremely ugly. I feel really bad for you because I think that she's the one that needs to get this problem figured out. you're just kind of in the middle of it all. is there any way that you can talk to her to see what her problem is?

    • I got down to it. She told me that she didn't want me to get hurt by her boyfriend so I should stay away from her and not be around her so much cuss it is making him mad. So she doesn't want me to get hurt by him that was it. So I thnk that was her way of telling me indirectly not wanting me to get hurt . So what do you want me to do about this ?

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    • Hahaha that's what I was thinking hahaha. Thank you a lot :)

    • no problem!

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