He canceled 2nd date?

OK I went out with this guy, we had a great time and he immediately asked me out again. So we made a plan to meet for dinner a few days later. We didn't talk in between and all of a sudden, he canceled our 2nd date. The reason was pretty weak and I haven't heard from him since? What might have gone wrong?


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  • Maybe he found someone else, or maybe his excuse is legit and you are overreacting. How long ago since he cancelled?

    • it's been a week since he cancelled, and I haven't heard anything.

    • Then don't look at anything you did. If you honestly think the date went well, then don't worry about it and move on. Chances are was that he just wasn't feeling a connection and he only planned a second date because he didn't want to be rude. Which is kind of twisted since he was rude anyway.

  • Maybe there was an emergancy ! Give him a call !


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