What can I do to hang out with someone as friends?

I'm a really nice buy but I don't seem to have any luck with girls. I kind of just go with my gut about certain stuff but it always ends up working against me. I really don't even know what to do with a girl just as friends to get to know her. what can I do to hang out with someone as friends and get to know them?


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  • Just hang out. Also, please stop labeling yourself as a "really nice guy", no offense but it just make you sound like a whiny pushover. Just be who you are, and stop trying so goddamn hard. No maybe you won't get a girlfriend/date tomorrow or even in the next year, but you need to be comfortable with who you are as a singular individual before you're ready to take on having another person in your life. No one is going to make you happy but you.

  • Well I guess you would meet a girl somewhere get her number and shoot her a text to see if she's up for a coffee sometime or what not?

    Just relax and go with the flow...