How can someone get consecutive dates?

I'm a pretty confident guy and very outgoing. I have a lot going for myself and I'm 20 years old. I haven't always been the best with women, but have recently been breaking out of that shell and into the guy every woman wants to date slowly but surely. I enjoy dating a lot as its always fun and never boring to me. Problem is I can't seem to score more than one or more dates with the women I meet. My first impression is amazing apparently. Ill see one girl talk for a bit get her number and call 5-9 days later or if I don't get the number from not trying the next time I see them which can vary a week to no more than a month, the girl will be enthused to see me and she remembers me and what I'm all about.

Sometimes I often find myself in the friend zone way too much with these women and I want to escape that. How do

I go about doing this and start attracting not only on a social level but physical?

so I tried something new with this girl I'm pretty interested in and it was all verbal I just showed her that I was confident and I made my intentions obvious and whatever I want I go for! she was shocked to see how confident I was really striaghtforward


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  • Waiting five to nine days to call a girl is way too long man. Call or text her max of two days after you meet her, depending on how strong your connection is.

  • Physical touch is so powerful. When you get to know a girl a little more, try to find ways to touch her(no not there! lol). Like, if you are walking, try to hold her hand. It will hopefully move you beyond the friend zone.

    • ya I've been doin plenty of that with girls like hugging and touching the small of her back I feel like I make my intentions pretty clear

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    • I have considered sharing my feeling like I like you an want to get to know you better. at the same time though it seems like its a bit of wuss thing to do that. I like the idea of being able to show it rather than say it but are saying the words just as important? plus I wouldn't share my feelings with a woman I met and got her number a few days right away because it may scare them off haha. id rather share that with a woman that I have gotten to know more about.

    • keep getting her to know her then. don't feel like you have to rush anything.

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