I do not understand?

yesterday my and my boyfriend got into a fight over something. He thought I ws mad at the beginning, but I wasn't at all.I started to explain. Then in the end he is the one who ends up getting mad at me. He hasn't texted or call since basically ignoring me.


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  • oh ok...now I get it...

    Well in short guys are kinda like girls when it comes to some things. Guys wanna be the best a girl has ever had in bed. We like knowing that we please our girl, if you know what I mean. Well with that being said, When us guys are turned down for sex, in a round about way tells us we are not desirable. We are not wanted. Our girl isn't attracked to us. Hope that makes sense.

    Another thing to consider is are there set days in which if sex was going to take place would it happen on a certain days. (example: you guys see each other on fridays and saturdays only, so if sex was in the forecast, those would be the days it would happen)? If that's the case too, and he's turned down, not only does it attack his self esteem that he's not desirable, but it also hits us as in, great I'll have to wait a whole nother week to get a chance to do it again. SO in general we get upset if we get turned down for a few different reasons. Hope this helps. He was probably mad for one of these reasons.


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  • Hard to help with this one, without knowing what the fight was about.

    with what you've stated...sounds like something upset him and he's making you sweat it out for a little bit. That's just a guess. Hard to say for sure without know what the fight was about.

    • sorry.

      I was not in the mood to have sex. yea I know guys get mad

      but we both agreed for it to be a (mutal thing).

      He thought I was mad at him, but I wasnt.

      I tried explaining why I didn't want to. then he started to get mad, telling me how we haven't done it in a long time. (were both busy). I told him just not {today}..He said I am making it worst?

      dont know what he meant by that.

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