I want to kiss him before he leaves.

Im in grade 10 and he's in grade 11. and he's in one of my classes. (dramatic arts.)

He always looked at me, and when he first talked to me he flirted with me. He always took ,me to the back to practice skits with him, and he would just end up jokin round with me. He sat on my lap once, and he always picks me up and carreses me.

He alllways flirst with me, and we're known in my class to be each others lovers. And when people go ouuuu kat and dan loooooooove each other, and he just smiles and looks at me..

a few days ago, he asked me to practice a skit with him, and he asked me to sit beside him and I sat, and he took pics of me on his phone, and I stole it from him and he was chasing me, and then he caught up to me and hugged me from behind with his chin on my shoulder. we were like this for a minute. It was so sweet. The next day, he asked me to sit with him again. and we listened to music and we were smiling at each other. The whole class was just staring at us. And the day after that, yesterday, we were preforming our skits. and it was me him and our group and he was reading off a paperthat I was reading off too, and he looked up after he was done, and he looked into my eyes, and I did too,. and we just connected for a few seconds. I wanted to kiss him so bad.

Now the problem is, he is moving next semester, and I really want to kiss him. He's an inch shorter than me, and I'm scared he's gunna be like wtf.

i reallly like and care for him, should I do it before he leaves?


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  • Ok lol so next time your sitting together and the moment comes where you feel the urge do this, turn your head towards him and have a small smile, eye contact and maybe sofly bite your bottom lip (towrds the side of your mouth) to get his attention to your lips then when you get eye contact look at his lips then back to his eyes, this will show him your thinking about kissing him, lean in a little and slightly tilt your head to the side, then he should kiss you :) (he obviously wants to)