Fast help!!! ex is going to be at the same bar... we've been flirting...sos PLEASE!

HI, so I've been talking to my ex boyfriend through text messaging. Yesterday I saw him in his truck and he waved, and I waved back. It was cool, we started texting and he was like where are you going in a hurry. I teased back I was like I was jamming out and didn't have a clue how fast. We've been texting alot! (like for hours) with lots of flirting. Smile faces etc.

Then today I was skiing and I get a text message when I'm sitting down at the bar of a restaurant and when I am opening it I hear HI, and guess what it was him that was behind me. Weird right? We didn't say much but it was nice.

I thought the text/ hi was really cute cause I really didn't see him. Then I texted him again like maybe see you on the mtn. and he was like maybe :)

I'm confused. We've been texting for hours and it's like when we first meet. I'm not sure what to do...

He doesn't drink and he is going to be at the bar with his friends which are mine too but they were his first. I got a fb notification for a mutual friend that she is going to be at the bar meaning my ex, her boyfriend and her are going to be there. I'm not sure how to act I'm nervous. He is there DD, and I'm not planning on drinking at the bar but I'm so nervous to see him. I am not sure if he is going to be there with anyone but about a week ago is when he started texting me because someone told him that I thought he was dating and he made sure himself to let me know he hasn't even gone out on a date.


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  • if your dating some one back off! stop texting the guy! the guy is right you did brake up for a reason! but if your single why not give it another go! just ask him how he feels about you! it not like it will kill ya! but if he is taken you better of getting the hell out of there while you still got your hair on your head! chill relax take a deep breath and remember your a girl you can deal with anything!

    • I'm defiantly Single lol thanks a lot I'm just nervous to see him, because there are a lot of feelings and what really broke us apart is he was suppose to be my rebound guy I thought he was a one night stand but it turned into much much more. We dated and he just thought I wasn't over my ex and it cuased fights :/

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    • OMG thanks so much! :D I'm got his favorite short shorts on and looking Hot! :) So excited if nothing happens oh well... that is what happening now so what do I have to lose! :)

    • deffo! go go go have a great night on me :) it ant the end of the world alwys remember that! I always do!

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  • You broke up for a reason. Remember that.

    • true, it was stupid fighting...other than our fights over going out to dinner to my nose ring falling out. We're both very passionate people. but we things were good they were great... should I just get over him or try to talk to him more?

    • That's your call, you're the one who has to live with it. Just think it through first.

    • Thanks :)

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