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Does my friends with benefits want more or is this just my imagination?

Basically we dated for 2 months. We were getting on great but I knew he was seeing other girls. I didn't want any kind of label but just wanted to know if there was anything more there worth exploring. He got pissed that it wasn't gonna be friends who sleep together and date - accused me of causing drama.
Eventually decided friends with benefits but that I should not expect it like before as he didn't want to get that close again. He didn't want any form of commitment and said it was gutting as he actually really liked me but just didn't want it.
Fine I thought. But we have been doing the friends with benefits for another 2 months now (so 4 months in total) and he is completely confusing me with his actions. we see one another 3 - 4 times a week with at least 1 or 2 sleepovers, it's not just sex but talking, dates and time spent together, he has told his mum he is seeing me, his colleagues all know about me and he has referred to me as "my mrs" to them and to me in person, I've met his friend who questioned why he wasn't dating me, we swapped Christmas gifts and he showed off his at work and the guys said "She KNOWS you - she is a keeper" as it was SO him, his to me were really thoughtful and stuff he remembered I like, we spent NYE together and the midnight kiss was amazing and felt like there was so much emotion, he has shared a traumatic story from his childhood with me.
So now I am torn - on the one hand I know I'm just a friends with benefits. We are both free to do what we like. There's a lack of pressure with that. On the other he seems to be displaying relationship behaviours with me that go far beyond friends with benefits in my eyes. Am I going insane? What on earth do I do here - keep going (even though I get jealous of others) or just end it now as I'm deluded there's anything more here? Any advice on what to do would be amazing!
Does my friends with benefits want more or is this just my imagination?
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