How often to contact/go on dates/facebook etc??

Ok... So I met this girl a week ago and we have been out 3 times in a week! We had dinner Monday night then hung out Tuesday afternoon as well. I sent her a text on Wednesday saying "I had a great time etc", which she replied to saying the same! I called her Thursday night to ask her out again and we went out Friday night. We get along really well and I'm really liking this girl... hence this "Question" (not wanting to screw this up).

I'm not sure what is too much contact or too many dates in a certain amount of time! I don't want to come across too 'needy/keen'... cause I'm not at all, I just really like spending time with this girl! I haven't spoken to her since our last date... two days ago!

What are your thoughts... Am I contacting her too much and is it OK to see if she wants to hang out again in the coming days? Also, I'm not so savvy when it comes to Facebooking... is it cool to add her to Facebook too?



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  • You being there touch, cut the dates to once a week, and stop texting her saying things like "I had a good time"... Take a giant step back and just relax, let her chase you for a bit, if she asks you out and you already have plans or your feeling tired don't be afraid to tell her. Remember you have your own life... Also you've known this girl only a few days/weeks you know nothing about her. Just chill, you don't know if she's good enough to keep around or not. Right now she's just s girl, treat her right but don't get over your head and think sheathe best thing ever. I guarantee she ain't.


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  • If you are the one contacting her all the time then how do you know that she is really interested in you? Give her the opportunity to contact you too (communication goes both ways).


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