Is there a problem with todays dating ages?

im just wondering because everywhere I look on GAG there are girls who are young from like ages 13-18 asking if its nomal that they haven't started dating yet or haven't kissed a guy yet.

I think its messed up that our society now has that presssure on girls that they need to start dating really young. I'm 17 and I believe that somewhat.

what are your views on it?


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  • I think there are issues with guys in particular in our society... which results in younger girls feeling sad that they're not dating yet. Guys tend to be more competitive, and see women as a market to them. So they have to have more girls under their belt by a certain grade or age in their life. And in return, girls see the other girls that are getting "used" and are dating and feel upset (not really noticing the "used aspect, just the dating aspect), and want to make themselves available on this "market." It used to be just a high school or late middle school thing, but now its like... 6th grade. I remember in middle school, seeing like... maaaaybe 5 couples. And they were all pretty serious too.

    But to answer your question though, yeah, I think society puts a lot of pressure on dating early and stuff, but I think a lot of it is hype and commercialism from guys making it seem like they need to date early.


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  • I don't find it an issue at all. If you look at history people used to be getting married at that young, so in a sense you can say that pressure is aimed at a later age. Also around 12 or 13 is when you hit puberty and start becoming more attracted to girls, so it is natural to want to start dating them. So I don't find anything wrong with dating or kissing at that age, but I think the pressure to lose your virginity younger even as young as the 13-18 age is not a good thing at all. At what age do you think it is appropriate to start dating?


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