Should I text him?

Hey there, recently I have been texting this guy (from online) he seems nice, I don't want to seem like annoying him, but I got accepted to college and texted him and I said that I was going on hols, and that I would be back on such a day and that ill probably catch up with him then?

Thing is I wonder is he waiting on me to text him or should I text him? I don't want to come across too eager but I also don't want him to think I don't like him?



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  • If it has been a break from the normal frequency of texts, IE. usually text him on weekends, but this weekend you didn't. I'd go with past trend, just don't expect urgent responses.

    I had a friend who would text me, and it took a little bit of time for me to feel comfortable texting her about whatever without feeling like I'm leading her on. however, if I text her I figure she could get back to me but it's all her choosing. do what worked before.


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  • If you text him more than once-twice a week then I wouldn't do it. But if you haven't texted him that much lately then do it. A text is not really that annoying. If you called him a lot during the week then that would be annoying, but I really don't think that text would be that bad.

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