He won't text me! What should I do??!!!

I like this guy and he likes me! I keep making up my mind about if I like him or not! Everybody says we make a good couple! He won't text me! I've tried everything to try to get him to text me but he wont! :( He hasn't texted me since a week after Halloween! :( every time I call he says "What do you want"> What do I do? What should I do? I even told him things so true that I didn't want to tell him! I told him I want to be his girlfriend but nothing happened! PLEASE HELP ME! It was like love at first sight!


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  • First off, if you say you like this guy then why aren't you sure that you like him? If you like him a lot and you want to be his girlfriend, then why would he ignore the texts you send him? You say he likes you but what has he done so far to show that he has an interest in him? The responses he gives seem very odd, almost as if he's trying to play hard to get. You've told him so much about your feelings for him and yet he isn't saying anything so I'd say either he's wanting you to keep chasing him or he doesn't share the same feelings you do for him. Either way isn't a very nice thing to do.

    I can't determine much from what you said but right now it looks to me that you like him a lot but he isn't showing any of those feelings back. Being a guy I wouldn't try to play hard to get as I would love it if my girlfriend told me she likes me a lot, it makes my job a lot easier of just accepting that she likes me and I like her back. Usually girls aren't the ones to share their feelings openly with the person they like so what you are doing should be a big sign in his face that he should make a decision now to say that he likes you too or not.


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  • Do you even know if he has a text plan? If he doesn't have one then maybe that's why he seems so "wtf?" every time you call because he didn't know you said all that stuff through text.

    • He only texts me if he see's me at church! He will go iun the corner and text me!

    • Hmm...okay I'll write a new answer then, I can't say much with the small word limit for comments.

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  • Let me help you <3

    A year ago, I went through the same exact thing- fell head over heels in love with this guy and it was like love at first sight. We liked each other and we texted, only the problem was that I was almost always the first to text. I used to always worry about the fact that he wouldn’t text and he almost never texted first. Even when we would want to talk on the phone, he wasn’t very interactive and it drove me crazy- honestly I felt the same way you do now. But now, a year later I realized the very big mistake I made back then and I didn’t even realize I was making it because I was immature and young. Young I still am but not so immature anymore. I’ve learned a lot in my life and I don’t make the same mistakes.

    I understand that you like him a lot but try not to text so much and chase after him so much. One thing I learned was that when a girl does that, she comes off as clingy and desperate and it’s a huge turn-off for the guy. It causes him to lean away from you and the more you do it the farther he moves away from you… and sooner or later he might end up disappearing completely. The thing is, even though your feelings are strong you need to try to keep the texting and calling in moderation…. because too much of it will make him bored of you. Even personally, I hate desperate and clingy guys who keep texting and calling… its such a turn-off for me. So imagine how it is for the guy… I didn’t even realize that I came off that way to him back then- but now I realize what a turn off it is to always have someone eagerly texting/calling you all the time… it just gets so boring after a while and you lose interest in that person.

    Of course, you guys should keep in contact but try to keep it in moderation so he doesn’t think you’re too desperate/clingy. I hope I helped… And remember, I’m talking completely from what I experienced and what I learned from my experience

  • I don't know what to say sorry I wish u could help